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Hill Partner, LLC

Hill Partner,LLC

Hill Partner,LLC is a dynamic consulting firm that offers organizations and corporations a focused set of services. Hill Partner provides its clients with services in areas including policy, strategic advice, planning and advocacy.

Practice Areas


We have secured millions of dollars in federal funds for a wide range of clients, including universities, nonprofit organizations, corporations, and other entities. In addition to helping our clients obtain funding for important projects, we often assist them in using the appropriations process to accomplish other legislative or policy goals, such as discouraging a federal agency from taking unwanted regulatory action.

We understand and anticipate the appropriations process at every stage. We begin by advocating for clients as the Administration's budget requests are formulated. We then track and analyze the budget requests as they are submitted to Congress, through the various phases of congressional consideration, and finally to agency implementation. Our success is based on our thorough knowledge of each step of the budget process, with a close eye to all budget developments that could impact our clients' interests. We have successfully designed and implemented strategies to win federal funds for many new programs, to keep controversial programs funded, to increase funding for client priority programs, and, when called for, to initiate funding for programs not requested in the Administration budget.

We are proud of our solid bipartisan ties on Capitol Hill and in the Executive Branch. Over the years, we have developed strong relationships with key Members of Congress, congressional staff and senior Administration officials. We know the budget process from both sides, which gives us a depth of perspective on the process that greatly benefits our clients.

Public Policy And Lobbying

For nearly ten years, domestic and international entities confronting legislative and regulatory problems in Washington have looked to Hill Partner as a trusted advisor. During this period, we also have helped individuals, corporations and trade associations take advantage of legislative, regulatory and judicial opportunities to achieve important strategic objectives.

Owing to our skill and discretion, and our reputation for conducting public policy advocacy in compliance with applicable laws and ethics rules, the firm has emerged as one of the most impactful lobbying firms in the country. Long before our competitors, we recognized that all three branches of the government offer opportunities to advance a client’s business objectives. We have a firm grasp of the rules of the legislative process, a strong sense of how the institutions of government operate, and nearly a decade of experience, which together give us a solid understanding of what works and what does not.

Since our founding, we have recognized that our overriding goal should be to help clients solve problems and to enhance their reputations with policymakers. We partner with our clients to achieve sensible results that promote each client's long-term business interests.

In seeking to shape public policy decisions, we work in these broad areas of concentration on behalf of our clients.

Federal Marketing

The U.S. federal market is the single largest market in the world-- a market so laden with opportunity that most major corporations dedicate entire sales divisions alone. This is because of the federal government’s size and its selling cycles are often much longer and contracts substantially larger than in the private sector. Success in this particularly challenging and lucrative environment demands a strong understanding of the government, federal sales processes, and how and why the government makes buying decisions. Vendors lacking such knowledge can have great difficulty navigating the complex processes involved in selling products and services to the federal government-- and sometimes in identifying those who have purchasing authority.

Whether a company is new to this market or wishes to grow its presence in it, Hill Partner is dedicated to helping clients succeed in the federal sales process. Few small firms have the depth of experience or breadth of relationships as Hill Partner.

While working inside appropriate agencies, we simultaneously advise Congress to assure that key members are aware of our client, their product or service, and our efforts. Our goal is to compress sales cycles that ultimately results in success for our client.

Hill Partner’s overarching goal in this practice is to help clients to increase their revenue through federal sales.